Valon Kone delivers debarkers all over the world

Valon Kone is the world’s leading manufacturer of rotor debarkers; the company delivers debarkers from the Lohja factory in Finland to all wood industry countries in the world. The number of machines delivered each year varies by the continent/country but, on average, VK manufactures approximately 100 rotors per year.

This section presents some of the different kinds of investment projects Valon Kone has participated in. We, for example, explain the background of the project and the factors affecting the choice of debarker, as well as present the solutions offered by VK.

More information on debarkers delivered by Valon Kone and on our references can be obtained from the VK sales team.



Swedspan, Poland / VK5048HD

Sawmill 25, Russia / VK8000HD-Combi-3R

Dongwha Timbers (Tasco), Australia / VK8000HD-Combi-3R

Lesosibirsky LDK 1, Russia / VK5000HD-Combi-2R & VK8000HD-Combi-2R

Metsä Wood Vilppula, Finland / VK8000HD-Combi-2R