Modular machineframe

Modular machine frame

New type of machine frames VK5000 and VK8000 

The strong growth of feed speeds in sawmills and log sorting lines has strongly guided the development work of debarkers over the last few decades. In the 1990s and 2000s, this trend particularly increased the size and weight of debarkers. To meet the needs of high-speed plants, suitable VK debarkers weighed several tens of tons. As the weight increased, the handling of machines manufactured from one frame piece meant that lifting was a technical problem in the manufacturing and installation stage. Transport also proved to be difficult and costly to implement.

Modularity means flexibility

Valon Kone addressed this problem and started to develop a new type of debarker frame. The initial idea was to “break down” the machine frame into pieces to facilitate handling. This small improvement significantly facilitated the manufacturing, transportation and installation of machines. A machine frame that comes in pieces enabled customers to modify debarkers flexibly as their needs changed. By continuing the machine frame with an additional frame piece, it was easy to add to the machine, for example, a second debarking rotor or a butt-end reducing rotor.

Symmetry simplifies design

Simply splitting the machine frames in parts was not the final solution. As a result of the development work, over the last few years, Valon Kone has introduced two completely new types of modular machine frames onto the market, the VK5000 and the VK8000. Both frame models are standard in measuresements and components. The symmetry requirement of the machine has been successfully addressed in the development work. Frame modules can be turned up-side down, if the handedness (right/left) of the debarker needs to be changed. These features improve the manufacturing process and reduce costs. For users, the symmetry of the machine frame is useful in situations where a saw line needs to be replaced, as the reversible machine frame is not bound by lay out planning. The symmetry and modularity also facilitate the re-selling of debarkers.

Equipment category can be selected

Valon Kone manufactures feedroll modules equipped either with two or four feedrolls. As VK debarkers are always built according to the customer’s needs, also the amount of feedrolls are engineered according to the length and quality features of the log. This same flexibility is reflected in the selection of critical components for power transmission. The customer can choose the components either in the Basic or Heavy Duty equipment category. This selection primarily affects the required feed speed of the debarker. For high feed speeds, the Heavy Duty category is always equipped with an active hydraulic system. A simpler, closed circuit hydraulic system can be used for lower feed speeds.

It is possible to install all the debarking rotors manufactured by Valon Kone to the new machine frames VK5000 and VK8000.

The VK5000 frame modules are designed for hydraulic rotors 480 and 620 and Air Seal rotors 5044 and 5056.

The VK8000 frame modules are designed for hydraulic rotors 480, 620 and 820 and Air Seal rotors 5056, 5068 and 5092.

For additional information about new modular machine frames VK5000 and VK8000 and different equipment categories, please contact Valon Kone Sales.

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