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Debarker Specialist

Valon Kone (VK) is an international operating manufacturer of rotor debarkers, and has been a pioneer in debarking since the 1940s. We have grown from a small machine shop into one of the world’s leading suppliers of debarkers. We can provide a solution for any industrial debarking problem in cases where the log can be fed into a debarking line one by one.

Specialization in rotor debarking technology and continuous investment in research and development have led to our extensive product range, which includes machine models specifically designed for different wood species and local debarking circumstances around the world. An extensive global sales and service network also ensures that the customer receives the best possible support for each project from the beginning and throughout the entire life cycle of a debarker.

Behind our brand’s success is a committed and skilled workforce and continuous investments in quality, research and development, and modern manufacturing technology. We have come a long way over the last seventyfive years. This development can be seen in the fact that our first machines weighed 650 kg and debarked 20 meters per minute. Today, machines weigh up to 60,000 kg and debark at 150 meters per minute.