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Our debarker model VK1092 belongs to the product category of sliding rotors. It is designed for large diameter logs and whole tree debarking. The VK1092 is the most robust and the fastest sliding rotor debarker available on the market.


  • Self-centering rotor – lateral guiding by hydraulic flaps or diablo roller
  • Fully automatic machine – no operator needed
  • Rotor size 92 cm – available with six debarker tool arms
  • Pneumatic pressure system with Air Seal for tool arms
  • Hydraulic positioning of both rotor and press rolls – log diameter is measured by light curtain before debarking


  • Heavy-duty frame and feedworks allow increase of speed
  • Rotor and press roll positioning with temposonic sensors – enables more accurate and quicker positioning
  • Pneumatic tool pressure: Air Seal construction enables remote control of debarker tool pressure and automatic tool opening if feeding stops
  • Debarker tool arms are designed for ease of opening – minimal wood damage

  • Strong tool arms are of welded construction – replaceable carbide tool tips
  • Different tool tip versions available ensuring optimum debarking quality in varying conditions
  • Improved security – machine covered with heavy service doors and electric safety locks


Debarking diameter (mm) 120 - 900
Min. log length (m) 2.4
Weight (kg) 25,000
Motor: rotor (kW) 90
Motor: feedworks (kW) 30


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