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Our Extensive Line of Debarkers

Debarked Logs
Valon Kone’s extensive product range includes a model for any debarking situation, taking into account the special needs and practices in different market areas.

Our selection includes debarker models for small plants and large, high-speed production lines – in practice for all wood species used in the industry. Our debarkers use the industry’s latest innovations, which guarantees the continuous improvement of our machines’ performance and reliability.

Low Speed Debarkers (Sliding Ring)

Medium Speed Debarkers (Fixed Ring)

High Speed Debarkers (Fixed Ring)


We deliver debarkers from the Lohja factory in Finland to all wood industry countries in the world.

The best care for your
VK Debarker

We provide professional and high-quality services for your debarker throughout its entire life span. Our extensive after sales organization promptly responds to all queries and problem situations related to machine maintenance and spare parts.

We’re here to help!