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VK8000 Series (Basic)

VK8000 (Basic)

Following our well-known VK820 series, the VK8000 series is the latest and most robust debarker type we have developed. It has a number of improvements that make using and servicing the debarker easier than ever before. Compared to its smaller counterpart, the VK5000 series, the VK8000 series debarker uses larger diameter feedrolls and is therefore primarily designed for mills using medium and large size logs.

Compared to the famous heavy duty trim, the basic version debarkers are designed to be the more economical alternative for mills with medium scale production and lower feed speed need, still keeping reliability in focus. They also offer great flexibility to start the investment process with lower capital expenditure and boost up the debarker as needs grow.


  • Fixed debarking rotor – centering of logs with infeed conveyor
  • Three rotor sizes 62 cm, 80 cm, and 82 cm – always with six debarker tool arms
  • Rotor size 80 cm with flexible debarker tool arms for plywood mills (PLY-version)
  • Hydraulic pressure system for tool arms
  • Feedroll size Ø 86 cm
  • Standard debarker comes with six feedrolls – eight feedroll version available for short logs (SL-version)
  • Hydraulic pressure system for feedrolls
  • VK infeed conveyor always as standard


  • Heavy duty machine frame – modular construction allows step-by-step investment
  • Hydraulic pull-out system of debarking rotor for easy maintenance
  • Strong tool arms are made of forged steel – replaceable carbide tool tips
  • Different tool tip versions available ensuring optimal debarking quality in varying conditions
  • Feedrolls with replaceable inserts (FibreMax) for easy maintenance – different insert types available ensuring grip in varying conditions

  • Simple hydraulic system of feedrolls facilitates maintenance and guarantees steady production
  • Centering VK infeed conveyor guides logs smoothly between feedrolls for minimal fiber loss in debarking

VK8062 / VK8082

VK8062 VK8062SL VK8082 VK8082SL
Debarking diameter (mm) 100 - 620 100 - 620 100 - 800 100 - 800
Min. log length (m) 2.7 2.2 2.7 2.2
Weight (kg) 30,100 34,400 30,100 34,400
Motor: rotor (kW) 90 90 90 90
Motor: feedworks (kW) 3x15 3x15 3x15 3x15

VK8032 PLY

Debarking diameter (mm) 120-780 120-780
Min. log length (m) 2.7 2.2
Weight (kg) 29,800 34,200
Motor: rotor (kW) 55 55
Motor: feedworks (kW) 3x15 3x15

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