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VK Kodiak

Available only in North America
VK Kodiak
The Valon Kone Kodiak debarkers are designed specifically for the North American market by strictly utilizing the North American standards, latest technology, and controls. The emphasis in design is placed on safe operation, robust construction, maximum uptime, and excellent debarking results. The Kodiak debarker is available in both single ring and tandem ring configurations in all ring sizes. Our Kodiak debarkers are built to last in extreme high-speed log debarking.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique debarking ring design with heavy-duty components for extreme conditions
  • Five ring sizes 17″, 22″, 27″, 32″ and 36″ with hydraulic pull-out system for easy maintenance - always with six debarking tool arms

  • Fast response air seal design guarantees high speeds with minimal fiber loss
  • Debarker tool arms are fabricated from Astralloy® for strength and durability
  • Rebuildable carbide tool tips – available in 3″, 3,5″, and 4″ widths

  • The standard single ring debarker consists of eight feedrolls – twelve rolls on the tandem debarker
  • Robust feedroll pivot assemblies for high-cycle applications
  • Direct feedroll drive mounted on side of debarker frame for safe access
  • Feedroll pneumatic cylinders mounted on top of the frame for safe access
  • Large diameter FibreMax feedrolls with replaceable bolt-on inserts provide more surface contact on the log – different insert types ensure optimal holding ability and less damage to log fiber in varying conditions
  • The self-centering VK infeed conveyor available – feeds logs smoothly to the center of the debarker on both X and Y axis allowing ribbon feeding

Kodiak with Single Rotor

617 622 627
Min. log diameter 3" 3" 3 1/4"
Min. log length 6' 6'9" 7'
Weight (lbs.) 48,000 52,000 71,500
Motor: rotor (HP) 75 75 100
Motor: feedworks (HP) 2x20 2x20 2x25

Kodiak with Single Rotor

632 636
Min. log diameter 4" 4"
Min. log length 7' 8'2"
Weight (lbs.) 65,700 89,300
Motor: rotor (HP) 125 125
Motor: feedworks (HP) 2x25 2x30
Kodiak Feedworks

Kodiak Feedworks

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