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The best care for your VK debarker

At Valon Kone, machine sales and after-sales services go hand in hand. The organizing of high-quality maintenance and spare parts services has been an essential part of our strategy right from the beginning.

The debarker’s position at the beginning of the sawing and/or peeling line requires that the debarker functions reliably in all conditions. Our aim is to ensure the optimal operation of the VK machine throughout its entire life span. Our experienced VK service team is always there for you.
Valon Kone machine deliveries normally include installation supervision and commissioning of the debarker. This is to ensure that the machine can be set up for production as quickly and flexibly as possible. Once the installation and electrical wiring of the debarker is complete, the process will proceed to the start-up phase, which includes:
  • Inspecting the installation
  • Starting up the machine
  • Monitoring the machine’s operation and debarking quality
Our automation engineer will always check that the machine’s controls are functioning properly. In addition, the start-up phase includes training for the operation and maintenance staff of the debarker.