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Infeed Conveyor VK52

Infeed Conveyor VK52

Our conveyor model VK52 is designed for mills using small- and medium-sized logs. It belongs to the new generation of our centering conveyors. Many of these conveyors have already been delivered throughout the world. The VK52 conveyor is delivered as standard with all VK5000 heavy-duty debarker models.


  • Robust and simple design, all critical components are strengthened when compared to older conveyor models
  • Hydraulic pressure system for conveyor through and pressure roll/flap
  • Pre-opening function for pressure roll/flap
  • Robust V-flight chain to push log forward into debarker
  • Automatic grease lubrication system as standard for points that require constant lubrication
  • Guard doors on both sides of the conveyor


  • Accurate log centering both vertically and horizontally (X-Y centering) prevents log-end damage

  • Improved feeding of small, curved, and low-grade logs for optimal debarking quality with minimal fiber loss

  • Calms down log before entering debarker when feeding high-speed and/or without log-gap
  • Simple operating principle guarantees steady production


Infeed Conveyor VK52
Log diameter 60 - 580 mm
Length of infeed conveyor 4600 mm
Height of infeed line 985 mm
Weight 7600 kg
Drive 22 kW

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